The Bilifecycle.

Multinational agricultural companies are gaining more and more control over our food chain; our fundamental survival. The EU is bringing in new laws supported by these same corporations making it harder and harder for small scale farmers and individuals to legally grow their own food; a basic right.

Fast food chains like Burger King and McDonalds are opening up new stores in towns pushing out local businesses with prices that simply don’t reflect the true cost of food production and can only exist because of mass scale, industrial, pesticide based agriculture.

GM food is getting harder to identify as the same corporations, again, lobby against stricter labelling laws.

BUT don’t worry! I have come up with the solution. Get on a bike with a greenhouse attached. Move yourself whilst feeding yourself. Build one today!


One thought on “The Bilifecycle.

  1. wow mobile plants and vegetables. maybe this could be part of the solution! if the climate keep changing bring the food there where it grows! wish you all the luck on your journey!

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