Well to say that the journey hasn’t gone according to plan would be an understatement. After only a few days on the road I felt a familiar unpleasant sensation coming from one of my achilles tendon. I have tried resting at several places since then but nothing seems to stop the pain recurring, and two weeks ago we unfortunately took a bus the last 60km into the town of Jokkmokk because the pain was too severe to continue cycling and had spread to my knee and foot. Since then I have been resting, contemplating, making friends and hitchhiking. But not updating the website at all! It has been extremely frustrating at times being unable to cycle or hike at all and therefore simply being stuck in various places. I’ve lost a lot of motivation. But we’re hoping to resume traveling tomorrow and journey westward into the mountains where I can strengthen my tendons, knees and ankles through hiking. Either that or damage them even more; I suppose I’ll find out soon enough. So thus far we have cycled approximately a mere 700kms. Who knows what tomorrow may bring..


One thought on “29/7

  1. So sorry to hear you’re hurt! I’ve been thinking about you and wondering when there’ll be a new post. Get yourself a doctor to look at that! You’ll get well so much faster if you find out what the problem is and get something (if you need to) to heal it.
    Good luck and keep your hopes up, I’m cheering for you!

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