An Update Overdue.

I write this in London the night before setting off by coach to southern Spain, and then Morocco. In short, the planned bicycle journey through Scandinavia this year was foiled by a painful achilles tendon. I have decided to take to the ocean instead for the time being and will be crewing aboard a 65ft yacht from northern Morocco toward Trinidad in The Caribbean, hoisting sails later this week if all goes well. So the adventure continues, using the wind to fill the sails rather than my legs to push the pedals as we head southwest for the Canary Islands and Cape Verde. Wherever you are I hope you’re also getting what you want out of life on this, The Planet We Inhabit.


One thought on “An Update Overdue.

  1. Thanx so much for the steering bag, it’s fantastic. Your adventure sounds amazing, hi love cycling myself, though I don’t think I could in that far? I wish you all the luck in the world, be happy, stay safe and take care God bless,peace and love Andrea 🙂

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