Getting Back on Track

The sailing voyage back in October didn’t go quite as planned, but nonetheless I spent some time becoming familiar with various boats and marinas around the Straits of Gibraltar, before finally finding a couple willing to take me on board their 36ft sloop from La Linea de la Concepcion, Spain. We sailed for 6 days, bobbing along the surface of the North Atlantic ocean until our eyes spotted the welcome sight of the Canary Islands. It was during one night watch while I lay by the wheel looking up at the heavens that I realised I didn’t want to just sail to Australia; I want to cycle! I’ll tell more of that story another time.

So it is that I’m now in England preparing to begin my journey of discovery in Spring.  To depart in March is my goal but it depends on the weather and the condition of my achilles tendon. Back in August I was diagnosed with achilles bursitis, less serious than tendonitis but still enough to halt the entire trip if not treated properly, and am now consulting a physiotherapist and podiatrist whilst cycling every day. At the same time I’m working, saving up, and beginning to seek sponsorship and others interested in being a part of this magnificent project.

Now that I’m focused once again on making this happen I will continue to update this website as events unfold. Spread the word, get in touch and make the most of life!


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