A Bicycle Built.

A pictorial of my first every ‘homemade’ bike. I highly recommend having a go if you have the opportunity, just be prepared to compromise when things don’t work out quite as planned! A huge thank you goes out to the Broken Spoke Bike Co-Op in Oxford, one of a network of open community bicycle workshops springing up around the world, enabling and empowering people to keep on the move using their own hands and very little money. It is through their existence, kindness, wisdom and patience that I was able to realise my goal of setting off on this fantastic journey on my own creation.

So there you have it! I spent a lot more than I would’ve liked because of time constraints, and so bought things that I could’ve found in bins or on old bikes had I been prepared to spend more time looking.Including a nice new leather saddle. all the bags, racks and accessories, the total is around £500, but includes a huge amount of knowledge gained! I now feel much more confident in tackling the problems which will undoubtedly arise.

See you somewhere…


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