What’s the big idea? A fluid, living story divided into chapters and unfolding over the surface of the planet, all the way from the northern lands of Scandinavia to the island continent of Australia. Departing by bicycle from southern England in Spring 2014 and heading north with no scheduled arrival dates, only places.

I will link up with various organisations in the hope of both raising money and awareness for projects and causes I feel connected to, as well as procuring sponsorship for the journey. This is being organised over the coming months and news will be published on the site as it arises.

Documenting the journey through photo, word and video, focusing on various themes as the journey progresses. I aim to travel as sustainably as possible, minimising my impact upon our environment. Being flexible and open to opportunities that arise is inherent. I wish to do more than simply pass through; I want to learn, teach, participate and of course tell the stories of people and places. Help me turn the ‘I’s in this paragraph into ‘We’s. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join for any length of time; don’t be shy! Get in touch with any suggestions, questions, advice or whatever you like.

  • Chapter I: The North. From southern England north through Ireland and Scotland. To Iceland and Norway, hopefully over the ocean, then to Nordkapp, the Northern Cape of Europe. Possibly sailing to Svalbard.
  • Chapter II: The ride south begins! Through Finland and Russia toward the Caspian Sea. Probably crossing the Caucasus to enter the Middle East and head west again.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. hello fellow bicycle-boat-world-traveller! i am coming from the east..on my long long way back home to austria ; ) hope we can meet up somewhere in central asia and share some stories beside a campfire …with soup in coconutshell bowls and wooden spoons (i also like to make things from nature )
    have a wonderful journey my friend!
    ..love bravely and live freely

  2. the adventure begins! be safe and seen on the little roads in old blighty! love from a past cyclist in Australia, ali paice xx

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