Feeling adventurous? Interested in the world around you? Come along and discover what’s happening on The Planet We Inhabit.

Anyone is welcome to join the ride at any stage and for whatever length they like. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch even if you’re just a bit curious and have never ridden a bike further than 10kms in a day.

Do I need much money? No. This is a very low budget journey. I will be surviving in the affluent countries of Europe mainly by liberating food from supermarket dumpsters, a practise that’s gaining popularity worldwide as more people realise that there is a vast amount of perfectly good food is going to waste (e.g. an oft quoted official statistic for the UK is one-third of all food). I also find that as a travelling cyclist people are often very generous and don’t mind giving a contribution of their own, as long as I’m not afraid to ask and talk to people. Food is most certainly not the only thing to be rescued from the bins; bike parts, clothes, sleeping and camping gear and all manner of items have been found and utilised by me durign my previous adventures. Bike shops are often happy for me to look through their throw-out pile of parts, and these can provide a lot. Handlebars, pedals, chains, drivetrain parts, spare inner tubes etc. Visiting the site of a camping/music festival on the day that everyone goes home can wield an astounding amount of great gear. I’ve obtained sleeping mats, bags and tents in this manner, not to mention food, money and even beer. Please see here for a short article I wrote with a friend during a cycle trip across Europe.

As for sleeping, I almost never pay for accommodation. I will be camping wild (something that thankfully is not outlawed in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Scotland as it is in so many other places, which makes it a bit easier), staying with people I find on CouchSurfing, BeWelcome, WarmShowers and any other hospitality exchange websites I might use, and being open to what comes. In my experience people are sometimes very willing to have even a group of bikers liven up their house for a night.

If you’re not accustomed to such a lifestyle I hope I can show you that it can be a very fun and rewarding experience.

Do I need to be fit? How many kilometres will we cycle per day? You certainly don’t need to be an athlete. For the first long distance ride I undertook, I hopped on my recently purchased used bike in the south of Sweden on a Saturday afternoon, and was about 600km further north by Monday morning. I have never trained and have cycled across Europe with over 15 others who didn’t either. Many of them only ride around their city and hardly knew anything about bikes before the ride. I find that as I progress my body becomes accustomed to the rhythmn of the ride and eventually it feels strange not to ride for a day. So just a reasonable level of fitness. It’s mainly in the mind in my opinion. I can’t give a definite number and it will change a lot. My record thus far is 235km in a day. For the days I ride it will be between 50 and 250km.

Setting off...

Setting off…


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