How lovely that you’ve come to this page. I will be relying upon the generosity and kindness of others often during the journey and of course returning that myself in whatever way I can. There are many ways you can help!

Spread the Word: Please tell people you think might be interested.

Host me: If you know that I’m coming through your area and you’d like to host me or just meet up then please send me an email! See the contact section. I’m very flexible and might be quite happy to make a detour from my planned route so don’t hesitate.

Donate: I live on a minimal budget, often getting my food from supermarket dumpsters, camping and staying with people, and using old bike parts when I can. I also try to obtain sponsorship. However certain costs, such as some ferry fares and visas, can’t be avoided. Remember that any amount helps me; $/£10 is a week of food somewhere. If you feel that you have some money spare and would like to support me, please click the button below! Donations will go directly toward:

  • Food
  • Transport (ferry/train/bus)
  • Visa fees
  • Bicycle maintenance
  • Equipment

Clicking the button below will take you to a Paypal payment page.

Donate Button

Note: For Credit Card payments, Paypal takes 3.4%+0.20GBP plus a variable currency conversion fee (around 5%) if not paying in GBP. You should be asked whether you wish to pay the fee or pass it to me. These fees can’t be avoided. They’re tricky buggers.


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